Note: These are just rumors for the plot and should be taken with a grain of salt. Given how secretive Marvel Studios is more then likley these rumors will not be true.

The main villain will actually be Norman Osborn with J. Jonah Jameson and Scorpion also being featured. The film will have him declaring Spider-Man a public menace and placing a very public bounty on his head. The bounty draws out various criminals . Many of these criminals will not become the villains they become, but we will see Sandman, Electro, and even Mysterio before they become villains. Jonah hires Mac Gargan, who is not Scorpion yet but rather a P.I.

During the tailing of Spider-Man, Gargan starts to learn more about Spider-Man and gets close to finding out who he is. However, we find out Spider-Man knew all along. He finds out Jonah hired him and webs Gargan to the outside of the Daily Bugle, mocking both Jonah and Gargan. Both have a massive ego and are driven by this to defeat and expose Spider-Man.

Norman Osborn, who believes Spider-Man is his property and wants Spider-Man back; sees on the news of Gargan's defeat. He pulls up Gargan's medical records and deems him fit for his program. He offers to enhance Gargan with what is the Scorpion armor and formula. Norman, Jonah, and Gargan agree to take down Spider-Man.

Mac becomes Scorpion and is commanded by Jonah and Osborn to bring Spider-Man to them. At this point, Scorpion becomes the primary villain. He nearly defeats Spider-Manonce at Mid-Town High School, but Spider-Man escapes, the second time Gargan defeats Spider-Man and brings him to Osborn and Jonah.

Jonah simply wants to expose Spider-Man, but sees that Osborn and Gargan plan on testing on Spider-Man/Peter and find out why he was a success so Osborn can create super powered villains to sell to HYDRA. Realizing that Spider-Man is a force for good, Jonah frees him and they both escape. Once Peter is awake he takes Jonah back to the Daily Bugle.

Final fight is at the Daiy Bugle as Scorpion has been enhanced further by Osborn is now insane and simply wants to kill Spider-Man and Jonah. Spider-Man defeats Scorpion.

The film ends with Norman wanting to proceed with using a formula, but as word has gotten out about Scorpion, he is only able to test the formula on himself.Brandonbaker01 (talk) 04:09, January 6, 2016 (UTC)

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