Stark Enterprises, also known as Stark Industries and Stark International, is a large company that focuses on technological innovations and the development of weapons for the U.S. government. It is owned by Tony Stark who acquired the company after his father's death.



Stark Enterprises was founded by Walter Stark. However, his son, Tony Stark became the new C.E.O. of Stark Enterprises after Walter Stark was murdered. Tony Stark was an excellent businessman and he made Stark Enterprises more profitable then ever.

Inter-Dimensional Probe

Stark Enterprises later developed an Inter-Dimensional Probe which was capable of opening portals to other dimensions.

The Inter-Dimensional Probe was stolen by Carnage despite Spider-Man and War Machine's efforts to stop him.

Carnage stole the Inter-Dimensional Probe for Baron Mordo who intended to use it to bring Dormammu to Earth.

Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Venom were able to defeat Carnage, Baron Mordo, and Dormammu. Iron Man then destroyed the Inter-Dimensional Probe to prevent anyone else from using it to bring strange and dangerous creatures to Earth.

Tony Stark later shut down all research related to inter-dimensional travel.


  • Tony Stark: Chief Executive Officer
  • Julia Carpenter: Chief Operating Officer
  • James Rhodes: Senior Vice President & head of security
  • Jonathan Ohnn: Scientist
  • Walter Stark: Founder and former Chief Executive Officer
  • Simon Gilbert: Former member of Stark Enterprises board of directors
  • Su Yin: Scientist

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