This is starting to sound like a bad comic book plot

This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Slab was a member of the Nasty Boys and served Mister Sinister.


Slab along with the other Nasty Boys attacked the X-Men when they arrived on a deserted island to rescue Cyclops and Jean Grey. When the X-Men arrived Rogue threw Gorgeous George into Slab which was able to stop him. Then after Cyclops was able to defeat Mister Sinister, Sinister, Slab, and the Nasty Boys were able to escape.

Slab and the Nasty Boys later returned and ambushed the X-Men. Slab and the others were able to defeat them and they took the captive X-Men to the Savage Land.

Slab and the Nasty Boys later kidnapped Jean Grey after her wedding to Cyclops and took her to the Axis of Time. Slab, the Nasty Boys and Sinister were working for Apocalypse who planned on creating a backlash of psychic energy to destroy time itself and recreate it himself. The X-Men were eventually able to stop Apocalypse and save the psychics.


Slab can augment his size and mass to increase in strength and resistance to injury.


X-Men: The Animated Series

  • Til Death Do Us Part, Part II
  • Reunion, Part I
  • Reunion, Part II
  • Beyond Good and Evil, Part I: The End of Time


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