Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk, is a superhero and Bruce Banner's cousin and an ally to the Hulk.



She-Hulk possesses superhuman strength and durability, she can withstand extreme temperatures and her skin is highly resistant to injury.


Fantastic Four: The Animated Series

  • To Battle the Living Planet
  • Doomsday

The Incredible Hulk

  • Doomed
  • Fantastic Fortitude
  • Hulk of a Different Color
  • Down Memory Lane
  • Mind Over Anti-Matter
  • They Call Me Mr. Fixit
  • Fashion Warriors
  • Hollywood Rocks
  • The Lost Village
  • Mission: Incredible


  • In The Incredible Hulk, She-Hulk was voiced by Lisa Zane during season one and Cree Summer during season two. She was unvoiced in the Fantastic Four.
  • Had there been a third season of Fantastic Four: The Animated Series, Sue Storm would have gotten pregnant and gone on maternity leave. Because of this She-Hulk would have been brought in to temporarily take Invisible Woman's spot on the Fantastic Four.
  • Originally Hulk was going to appear in the three part Secret Wars episodes [1][2][3]. However, when Hulk got his own show on UPN, The Incredible Hulk, he was not allowed to appear on Spider-Man: The Animated Series. She-Hulk was going to take Hulk's place in the Secret Wars. However, when She-Hulk became a main character in the second season of The Incredible Hulk, she was off limits to Spider-Man: The Animated Series as well. Because of this Lizard was used in her place.