Rogue is a mutant and member of the X-Men that has the power to absorb the memories and powers of others.


Early life

Later life

Adventures with the X-Men

Mutant cure

Ghosts from her past

Return of Mystique



When Spider-Man discovered that he was mutating into some kind of creature he went to the Xavier Mansion to seek the help of Professor X in hopes that he could cure him. As Spider-Man arrived at the mansion he fell through a trap door and into the lower levels of the mansion. Spider-Man was encased in a metal straight jacket and was then approached by the X-Men who were wondering why he had come to the mansion. Spider-Man refused to tell them. Rogue then approached Spider-Man and began to flirt with him and said that he was cute "In a creepy sorta way" and attempted to use her charm to get Spider-Man to answer their questions. However, Spider-Man broke free from his restraints and ran off.


As Spider-Man entered the Danger Room he was attacked by holographic images of some Sentinels. However, the X-Men entered the Danger Room and began to fight the Sentinels. As Rogue began to fight one of the Sentinels she said that there would be no way for her to keep Spider-Man interested in her if they kept scaring him away.Jean Grey then ran to the control room and was able to turn of the Danger Room. A short while later Spider-Man spoke with Professor X about finding a cure with his furthuring mutation. However, Xavier told Spider-Man that his work was not to cure mutants but to help them accept who and what they are. Angered by this news Spider-Man left the Xavier Mansion.


After Herbert Landon wastransformed into agiant mutant he began to terrorize New York City, Rogue piloted the Blackbird to where Landon was. As Rogue watched news footage of the mutated Herbert Landon she exclaimed that he was "one ugly critter." As the Blackbird arrived Rogue saw that Landon had grabbed a J3 Communications helicopter and flew out of the Blackbird took the helicopter from Landon and placed it safely on the ground. However, Landon hit Rogue with all his strength. Rogue almost hit a building but Spider-Man swung over and grabbed her. As they web swung to the ground Rogue continued to flirt with Spider-Man some more.


As Spider-Man and Rogue reached the ground they met up with the other X-Men and devised a plan to drain Landon his electrical energy to defeat him. In order to drain Landon of his energy Spider-Man and the X-Men had to use the equipment on the Blackbird. However, Landon could not touch the ground. Rogue then flew outside of the Blackbird and wrapped a metal cable around Landon and attached it to the Blackbird. The Blackbird then lifted Landon into the air and the X-Men were able to drain the energy from his body which turned back into a human. Rogue then gathered around Spider-Man as the other X-Men thanked him for his help and then went back to the Xavier Mansion.

Cody and the Colony

Family ties


Alternate timeline

Days of Future Past

Age of Apocalypse



Rogue using her powers on Mystique

Rogue has the mutant power to absorb anyone's memories and talents through skin contact. If she touches the skin of a mutant or metahuman Rogue can absorb their powers and use them. The person she has skin contact with will fall into a coma which can last only a few hours or years.

How long Rogue has the powers she absorbs depends on how long she has physical contact with that person. If Rogue touches another person for only a few seconds she can have that metahumans powers and memories for only a few hours. However, if Rogue touches their skin for several minutes she could have those powers permanently.

At the beginning of her career Rogue held onto Ms. Marvel for an extended period of time and was able to retain her powers of flight and super strength forever.


In some cases Roge can even take on the physical appearance of the people she steals life forces from. On one occasion Rogue's skin turned blue after she absorbed Mystique's powers.

Also some times (but very rarely) the personalties of the people who's life force she absorbs takes over her mind. On one occasion Rogue absorbed the life force of people that wanted to kill Nightcrawler and found herself wanting to kill Nightcrawler. However, Rogue was able to regain control.

In the comics

For several years Rogue's real name was unknown. However, after the first X-Men movie was released she was given the name Anna Marie in the comics.

In the Ultimate comics Rogue's real name was Marian Caryle.

In movies

In the novelization of the first X-Men movie it was revelaed that her full name was Marie D'Ancanto.


X-Men: The Animated Series

Spider-Man: The Animated Series


  • While casting Rogue in X-Men: The Animated Series the creators of the series had in mind a voice that sounded like actress and singer, Ava Gardner.

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