Paul Stevenson is an astronaut for NASA and partners with John Jameson.



Paul Stevenson and John Jameson were sent into space to examine an asteroid. While Jameson went to the asteroid's surface Stevenson stayed on the shuttle and piloted it. As John removed the Promethium X from the ground the asteroid began to shake. Jameson managed to make it back to the shuttle and he and Stevenson flew back to Earth. As the shuttle began reentery into Earth's atmosphere a black slime oozed out of the Prpmethium X and covered Stevenson's legs which terrified him. Jameson then lost control of the shuttle but managed to safely make it to the George Washington Bridge. When Spider-Man arrived he fought the Rhino who ended up getting away with the Promethium X and then got Stevenson and Jameson to safety. Paul Stevenson and John Jameson were then taken to the hospital. Stevenson was in a critical state. It is unknown if he survived.




Terry Hewlitt

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