Mousie was a Jamaican cab driver in New York City. She helped a little girl named Maria Taina Elizando save Spider-Man after Spidey was tricked into working for Doctor Octopus.


A woman, nicknamed Mousie, came from Jamaican to New York City and started working as a cab driver.

Once Mousie was cornered in an alley by a mugger but was saved by Spider-Man.

Sometime later Mousie brought a man who refused to pay for his cab ride to a police precinct. As Mousie told the police what happened the man attempted to escape. However, Mousie tackled the man to the ground and the police arrested him.

As Mousie went to her cab she saw a little girl named Maria Taina Elizando in her backseat and told her to get out if she wasn't going to pay. However, Taina told Mousie that Spider-Man had been kidnapped by Doctor Octopus and caused him to forget who he really was and tricked him into becoming a criminal. Mousie believed that Taina was pretending and offered to drive her home. However, Taina told Mousie that she was telling the truth. Taina continued to tell Mousie that Spider-Man would help her if she was in trouble. Mousie then revealed to Taina that Spider-Man had in fact saved her from a mugger once. Mousie then agreed to help Taina find Spider-Man.

Mousie and Taina later tracked Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus to a military base where they were planning to steal a laser called the Argon Matrix Laser. Taina attempted to help Spider-Man remember who he was. However, as guards entered the room Spider-Man opened an air vent and Mousie and Taina crawled through it and escaped the base.

Mousie was later kidnapped by Doctor Octopus. As Mousie was brought to their hideout Dock Ock ordered Spider-Man to kill Mousie. However, Mousie tried to get Spider-Man to remember who he was. When Doctor Octopus saw that Spider-Man was not going to kill Mousie he was going to do it himself. However, Taina drove Mousie's cab into the hideout and hit Doctor Octopus. Taina was then able to get Spider-Man to remember who he was and Spider-Man defeated Doctor Octopus.

As Doctor Octopus was arrested Mousie offered to drive Taina home. However, Spider-Man asked if she would mind if he took her home instead. Mousie then allowed Spider-Man to take Taina back home.



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