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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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The Masters of Evil are a team of supervillains that was formed by Baron Zemo. They are enemies of the Avengers.


Non-canon history

The following backstory for the Masters of Evil was show in the comic book adaptation of Avengers: United They Stand. This is not considered in continuity with the television series.

Enchantress and the Executioner were once members of the Masters of Evil. When Simon Williams was arrested he was bailed out of jail by Enchantress and Executioner who then introduced him to Baron Zemo. Baron Zemo then gave Simon Williams super powers turning himto Wonder Man.

Baron Zemo had Wonder Man join the Avengers so he could gain their trust and eventually betray them. However, Wonder Man had a change of heart and helped the Avengers defeat the Masters of Evil.


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