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Madeline Watson is the mother of Mary Jane Watson.


Madeline Watson was the mother of Mary Jane Watson and the wife of Philip Watson.

When Mary Jane was a little girl Philip would verbally abuse both Madeline and Mary Jane. Eventually, Philip abandoned his wife and child.

Mary Jane later went to live with her aunt, Anna Watson. It is unknown what happened to Madeline though it could be assumed that she passed away.

Madeline was later shown in Mary Jane's memories when Doctor Strange used Mary Jane's memories to show her that her father was a bad man.

In the comics

Madeline had dreams of becoming an actress. However, she gave up her dreams to marry Philip Watson. Madeline later gave birth to two girls, Mary Jane and Gayle.

For several years Philip was verbally abusive toward Madeline and his daughters. Madeline finally left Philip after he hit Gayle over the cost of her dancing lessons.

Madeline later started to suffer from ill health and a bad heart. After Gayle's husband abandoned her Madeline moved in with Gayle. Madeline later died while in the hospital.


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