The following is a list of spells that were used by the sorcerers, Doctor Strange, Baron Mordo, and Dormammu.

List of spells

Spell Function User

By the power of omnipotent Oshtur I command you to cease

Mystical energy fires from the users hands

Doctor Strange

I summon forth the shielding powers of the Vishanti

Creates a magical force field Doctor Strange
Great all seeing Eye of Agamotto you must come to my aide Summons the power of the Eye of Agamotto Doctor Strange
Omnipotent Vishanti empower my amulet. Remove the spell that clouds his mind Uses the Eye of Agamotto to remove a hypnotic spell Doctor Strange
I invoke the Hosts of Hoggoth Used to remove a magical force field Doctor Strange
By multiplicity's dictum Creates holographic duplicates of the sorcerer that invoked the spell Doctor Strange
None Sorcerers can fire bolts of magic from their hands Doctor Strange
Baron Mordo
By the power of the wand I release my master, Dormammu into this dimension Used to open up a portal to bring Dormammu into other dimensions Baron Mordo
None Allows it's users astral for to leave their body Doctor Strange
Baron Mordo
None Allows it's user to possess another person's body Dormammu
I call down the Rain of Raggadorr Mystical beams of energy that fall from the sky like rain Baron Mordo
None Shapeshifting Dormammu
I summon the Seven Rings of Raggadorr Seven magical rings that surround the body and shied it from attack Doctor Strange
By the light of Agamotto disperse Dormammu's evil Beam of magic fired from the Eye of Agamotto Doctor Strange
Vapors of Valtorr hold him fast Used to temporarily turn an enemy to stone Doctor Strange
I call upon the energy of the twelve moons of Munnopor Able to open a sealed gateway into another dimension Doctor Strange
Taun taun cham fon craw Able to close portals to other dimensions Doctor Strange
By the power of the Vishanti Teleportation Doctor Strange
Cali mon ta rēn fooloo belaga Used to teleport others Baron Mordo