The following is a list of episodes in the Marvel Animated Universe from varying series that have connections to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.

List of episodes

Series Episode Connection to Spider-Man: The Animated Series
Avengers: United They Stand Avengers Assemble, Part I The newspaper that appears on the microfilm is from the Daily Bugle
X-Men: The Animated Series Cold Comfort A Daily Bugle newspaper is shown and J. Jonah Jameson's name is on the byline
Avengers: United They Stand Comes a Swordsman Hawkeye is shown reading a Daily Bugle newspaper
X-Men: The Animated Series Graduation Day A reporter shown in the episode works for J3 Communications
Iron Man: The Animated Series Iron Man, On the Inside H.O.M.E.R. mentions Peter Parker in a variation of the nursery rhyme, Peter Piper
The Incredible Hulk Mind Over Anti-Matter Spider-Man briefly appears as one of Bruce Banner's fantasies while Doctor Strange and She-Hulk are inside his brain
X-Men: The Animated Series Nightcrawler Mary Jane Watson makes a brief cameo at the ski lodge
Fantastic Four: The Animated Series Nightmare in Green Scarlet Spider makes a brief cameo
X-Men: The Animated Series One Man's Worth Scarlet Spider makes a brief cameo
X-Men: The Animated Series The Phoenix Saga, Part V: Child of Light Spider-Man's hand is briefly shown shooting a web
Spider-Man: Unlimited World Apart, Part One
World's Apart, Part Two
Where Evil Nests
Deadly Choices
Steel Cold Heart
Enter the Hunter!
Ill-Met By Moonlight
Matters of the Heart
One is the Loneliest Number
Sins of the Fathers
Destiny Unleashed, Part One
Spider-Man: Unlimited is a continuation of Spider-Man: The Animated Series

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