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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Ramon Hernandez was a mercenary that was bonded to a symbiote by the Life Foundation and became Lasher.

History in the comics

Ramon Hernandez was a mercenary who worked for the sisinter corporation called the Life Foundation. The Foundation was preparing for the M.A.D. (Mutually Assured Destruction) fallout of the Cold War and sought to provide a comfortable life for their wealthy clients after the impending nuclear holocaust. The Life Foundation experimented with the Venom symbiote in the hopes of developing superhuman peacekeepers to watch over their imagined fallout shelter utopia, and Ramon was one of the three men chosen as host for Venom's forcibly-extracted spawn.

Ramon's lack of control over the alien inside him kept resulting in voilence, so he and the other Life Foundation symbiotes kidnapped Eddie Brock in order to learn control over their powers. During Venom's time as Lethal Protector of San Francisco, Lasher and his "siblings" were defeated by venom and Spider-Man. Ramon's symbiote was artificially aged to dust and his body was caught in a massive explosion.

Lasher and the other symbiotes were revealed to be alive and they kidnapped Eddie Brock in a last ditch effort to communicate with their alien "others." However, Brock refused to join them.

Lasher was later killed by Scream.


Lasher possessed the same powers as Venom.

Lasher's primary method of attack was to form his symbiotic costume into long whip-like tendrills that acted as limbs so as to be more effective against opponents, ensnaring and lashing them. 


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