Jerry Bingham (born June 25, 1953, in Chicago, Illinois) is an American artist who has worked in the fields of comic books, commercial illustration, and design. He is best known for his artwork on Marvel Team-Up and the DC Comics graphic novel Batman: Son of the Demon. Jerry Bingham was an illustrator for Spider-Man: The Long Arms of Dr. Octopus.


Given his first break by veteran comics artist Dan Adkins, Bingham's first published comics work was a Green Arrow backup story in World's Finest Comics #251 (June-July 1978). From there, Bingham drew comics for Marvel Comics, First Comics, TSR, Malibu Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Heavy Metal, and others. He drew the Batman: Son of the Demon graphic novel in 1987, which introduced a character later revealed to be Damian Wayne. This graphic novel reputedly "restored DC Comics to first place in sales after fifteen years.

Leaving comics in the late 1990's Bingham moved to the West Coast, where he did production art for the movies, designing props, special effects and monster make-up. He contributed design work for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, shopping centers, Universal Studios, and the Hollywood Christmas Parade. In addition, Bingham has illustrated paperback, game, and magazine covers.


Bingham attended the American Academy of Art, the Scottsdale Artist School, the California Art Institute, and UCLA.