James Reeves was a colleague of Dr. Mariah Crawford.



While James Reeves was in the jungle doing research he was able to develop a wonder drug that could heal any wounds. However, the serum had a side effect. The serum made whoever took it feral. Mariah Crawford then came to Africa and hired Sergei Kravinoff as her guide in the jungle. When Mariah finally found Reeves she saw what he had become. Reeves then gave Mariah a vile of the serum and vanished into the jungle. Mariah then followed Reeves to try and convince him to come back to New York City. However, Reeves vanished and Mariah was attacked by some hyenas. Kravinoff then came to Mariah's rescue but he was severely injured in the fight. Mariah then gave Kravinoff the serum which cured him but also changed his personality and he changed his name to Kraven the Hunter. 



  • James Reeves was an original character created for Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
  • Coincidentaly this character also shares the name with the country singer, James Travis "Jim" Reeves.

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