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This character is non-canon to Spider-Man: The Animated Series.
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Jack O' Lantern was an enemy of Spider-Man that appeared in the Spider-Man video game.


Early career

At some point Jack O'Lantern was captured by Spider-Man and sent to prison.

Escape from Ravencroft

Jack O'Lantern along with some of Spider-Man's other enemies escaped Ravencroft.


When Jack O'Lantern began to cause havoc in New York City, Spider-Man fought and defeated him and sent him back to prison.


Jack O'Lantern has no superhuman powers. He instead uses a variety of gadgets such as body armor, a hovercraft and several other weapons.

In the comics


Steven Levins became Jack O'Lantern after Jason Macendale (the first Jack O'Lantern) and started working for the Red Skull as a member of a gang of supervillains called the Skeleton Crew.