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The Dark Dimension is an alternate reality that is the home of Dormammu.


The Dark Dimension is a magical alternate reality.

Dormammu was possibly born in the Dark Dimension. At some point he became trapped in the Dark Dimension and had Baron Mordo search for a way to release him onto Earth.

Mordo stole the Wand of Watoomb from Doctor Strange and used it to open a portal to the Dark Dimension and bring Dormammu to Earth. However, in order for Dormammu to come to Earth he had to be accepted by a human. Dormammu pulled Mary Jane Watson into the Dark Dimension and tried to trick her into inviting him to Earth. However, Mary Jane saw through Dormammu's tricks and refused him access to Earth. This left Dormammu trapped in the Dark Dimension.


The sky in the Dark Dimension is green.

There appears to be no planet in this dimension. Instead several islands float in the air that Dormammu and other beings stand upon.

There are also waterfalls that appeared to magically fall from nowhere.

In the Dark Dimension there are also several large chains floating in the air.

In the comics

The Dark Dimension is a melding of alternate and abstract realities that were merged together into a single realm. The melding ended when the realm of the Mindless Ones was added in. Over many years there had been many rulers of the Dark Dimension including Olnar, the Wizard King, Umar, Clea, and Dormammu.

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