The Blackbird is a jet owned by the X-Men.


The Blackbird is a jet used by the X-Men.

It is kept in a hangar below the Xavier Mansion.

The Blackbird is the X-Men's main mode of transportation.

The Blackbird was once destroyed when Professor X filled it with explosives and flew it into Master Mold (the leader of the Sentinels) and both the Blackbird and Master Mold blew up. However, Professor Xavier was able to eject just before the Blackbird hit Master Mold.

The Blackbird was later rebuilt.

Cyclops once tested new engines on the Blackbird by taking it for a test drive in a desert. Jubilee became nervous when Cyclops began doing loops in the air.

In the comics

The jet that would eventually become the X-Men's Blackbird was originally called the RS-150. The RS-150 was built by S.H.I.E.L.D.

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